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Perham Makabi immigrated to America with his family at the age of six, without knowledge of the English language or American culture. Throughout the years of Mr. Makabi’s upbringing in this great country, he was able to gain a piece of the American Dream. Mr. Makabi ultimately chose to become an immigration lawyer, and passionately set his mind and heart to helping other immigrants establish secure and fulfilling lives in America. Founded in 2011, it is with utmost humility and gratitude that Mr. Makabi continues to run a thriving immigration law practice.

At Makabi Law, the team of trusted lawyers and paralegals work tirelessly to afford you the time, compassion, individualized service, and skill that are required to produce the best possible results in your case. Mr. Makabi and his colleagues sit with you to gain a strong understanding of your detailed case history, to explain all your options, to create a plan of action, and to collect all the necessary documentation. In the case of detained clients, the team visits you in jail as many times as is necessary to put together your case. In court, the team works determinedly to present your case to the judge in a streamlined and compelling way.

In these times of uncertainty, Makabi Law is here to help ease your concerns and worries, and give you a path to achieving a secure life for yourself and your family in America. 

We look forward to working with you.


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